"Throughout my 17 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, I have had the privilege of working with Classic Conferences early in my career as a meeting attendee, in the middle of my career as an incentive award trip winner and over the last 4 years as a senior decision maker; planning both company meetings and incentive award trips. When I think of my experiences over the last 17 years with Classic, there are three words that consistently epitomize my interactions with the entire team: creativity, adaptability and thoroughness. The most valuable trait that Classic Conferences has always exhibited is their thoroughness not only on-site but during the proposal process. I have never been caught by surprise either during a meeting or after the final invoice has been submitted. I could use the old adage – you get what you pay for, but I think it would be unfair since I believe our organization has received a lot more that what we have paid for. I feel fortunate to have met them early in my career and as a result leverage their expertise into all of our conferences."

Daniel Duran
Principal, Prescriptive Disruption, LLC

“Regardless of the meeting type, size, or purpose, Classic Conferences is an integral part of my meeting planning process. From identifying and securing site locations, to developing and negotiating favorable contracts, to designing, staffing, and executing end to end logistics and onsite meeting planning support, Classic Conferences has and continues to exceed my every expectation. While most companies claim that service is of the utmost importance, Classic Conferences lives by this mantra. I have experienced multiple meeting planning companies prior to Classic Conferences; by comparison Classic Conferences stands alone... at the top.”

Gary J. Grazioso
Head of US Commercial Operations, Quest Diagnostics

“Andrea and her team have been partnering with me for over three years and they have exceeded my expectations each event they support. They are an end to end company. They treat everyone, from our CEO to our Sales Reps like VIPs. After every meeting, I always get e-mails and written communication about the professionalism of Classic Conferences. Whatever the challenge, we know that we can always depend on the Classic Conferences team to get the job done perfectly and deliver a memorable experience for our colleagues.”

Everett V. Cunningham
Senior Vice President, Quest Diagnostics